A man is deported from Dubai for a fake pass to the gym

In Dubai, a foreigner was found guilty of forging a membership card at a private health club for his girlfriend. He will be deported from the country.

The Dubai Court of First Instance found guilty of fraud for a 33-year-old legal adviser of British descent. He is accused of faking a membership card to one of the emirate's health clubs, which he handed over to his girlfriend. The man was sentenced to probation for a period of three months. The postponement of the execution of the prison sentence will be valid for three years. The defendant will also be deported from the country.

The incident was recorded on June 30, 2016. According to the prosecution, the British put a photo of his girlfriend on a forged card in such a way that it looked like a real pass. As a result, a club guard detained a woman and turned to the head. The detainee admitted that she received a card from the accused. He, in turn, claimed that he paid for its listing and handed the card to his girlfriend as a souvenir, but not for use.

The Criminal Evidence Division has confirmed that the card is fake.

The court decision has already been appealed.

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