Horoscope for July - August 2010


In July, increased sensitivity may interfere with business mood and make it impossible to objectively look at life. You may be overwhelmed by idealism. This is especially true for young faces of this sign. Reflections in private with sobOh, in August, you will be prompted by a series of productive ideas that can improve your mood, direct your forces into the mainstream of creative changes. The professional aspect is activated at the initiative of your partners.


In July, significant changes in lifestyle and working conditions are possible. You will take an active part in home improvement, interior decoration. Useful acquisitions are possible. In personal life there is no place for sadness. Your partner is attentive and caring. In August, the situation is quite safe for you, despite temporary inconvenience. You should not be obsessed with the issues of clarifying relationships, finding the truth, and assigning roles to the guilty.


In July, the desired changes will not happen in his personal life. Your hopes will not come true. You may refuse to communicate with the person you are interested in because of your principles and ambitions. There will be good news in the professional field. Try to control what was said in August. Your words may be misinterpreted. An event will occur in your environment that will be unpleasant to recall.


In July, you can’t avoid rumors, gossip, self-talk among friends, neighbors and colleagues. You will feel envy, and hear reproaches, not always deserved.

There may be misunderstanding between close relatives as well as business partners. In August, your professional abilities will come to the fore. During this period, you will be able to understand the level of respect for yourself on the part of colleagues, business partners. You will be in demand.

a lion

In July, remaining faithful to your principles, you will be able to overcome significant difficulties and emerge victorious from a difficult situation. This will mainly concern verbal battles, difficult negotiations, as well as legal issues. Creative alliances with former partners are possible. In August, an invitation to a social event related to promotional activities will follow. These days, a meeting with a senior official will take place and a memorable acquaintance will take place.


A surge of sensuality in July will make you forget about your previous lifestyle. Love rules the World! It will often seem that you are always biasedly talking about you, discussing your persona. In fact, this is far from the case. In August, friendly contacts related to support and participation will be burdensome. Friends will continue to seek your company, strive to show openness on your part.


In July, you will not feel confident at work, since here the expectation of tricks from colleagues will be constant. Relationships with female employees may be complicated. Women will bring you more anxiety than men. In August, the brilliance of thinking and the productivity of ideas are possible only in the environment of familiar faces, in collective creativity. You need a society, meetings and negotiations, when you can show off wit, discover hidden talents.


You will become an attentive listener in July, a good adviser and an interesting conversationalist. Possible material growth, receiving money from a planned source. In August, household chores will be associated with acquisitions, minor repairs, and communication with neighbors. During this period, important information may come from far away. Personal life will be filled with emotions.


In July, your role will be a conciliatory, nullifying the threat of a protracted quarrel. There will be more negative emotions around you than positive ones, but this does not hurt to feel comfortable. In August, your behavior will be subject to those rules that are not riddles only for you. Success will accompany those who are engaged in the independent resolution of those other issues.


You will have a lot of work at work in July. A new area of ​​activity is not ruled out in which we will take a lively part. Communication on the topic of memories will make you sentimental, prone to romanticism. In August, you will show interest in people who may be useful in the future. However, communication with you will not be burdensome or binding. It will be easy and free with you.


There will be many trips, walks, movements in July. Many will strive to visit historical places, to study religious and national traditions. Questions of art and culture will excite you from a new point of view. In August, pleasant purchases are possible. The financial aspect can be troubling. Thrifty is appropriate. Your presence will be decisive in a given setting. You will be entrusted with many worries and small assignments.


In July, you will develop a new industry for yourself. Often circumstances will push you to independent actions, as others are not able to do anything better than you. In August, the situation will improve materially. There is a heated debate, an emotional discussion of immediate prospects in a narrow circle. Ahead looms the possibility of travel or relocation.

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