Dubai plans to open a new City Center

The new grandiose shopping center, which is scheduled to open in Dubai in the coming year, is focused not only on providing opportunities for good shopping, but also on various leisure activities, which will help it compete with the newly opened giant Dubai Mall and expanding its area of ​​Mall of the Emirates.

Mirdif City Center - the new shopping center of the City Center chain of the Majid Al Futtaim Leisure (MAF) group, will occupy an area of ​​183,400 square meters. m near the Mirdif area and the Emirates Road motorway.

It is planned to open 430 retail stores and eight so-called “anchor” department stores in the center, which invariably attract visitors, including Carrefour, the largest French supermarket in the Middle East. To strengthen the entertainment component, MAF joined forces with one of the world's most popular exhibition centers, museums of science and industry - the Paris Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie, under whose leadership the first “City of Children” will open in Mirdif City Center ( Cite des Enfants, CDE). It will be divided into five components: “I study myself”, “I can!”, “I find myself”, “I experiment” and “Together.” "City of Children" is designed for children aged 2 to 7 years and is aimed not so much at their amusement, but at development and learning through communication and games. Also in the Mirdif City Center it is planned to open the first zero gravity flight center in the region - Indoor Fly Skydiving Center. Two tubes equipped with the latest technology will allow anyone who wants to experience the joy of soaring in an airless space. The opening of Mirdif City Center is scheduled for late 2009.

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