Consulate General of Uzbekistan in the UAE

Consul General - Bakhtiyor Madayev
Reception days: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday
Reception hours: from 9.00 to 12.00.
Tel: 971 (4) 374 7400
Address: Villa 100, Jumeirah 3, Dubai, UAE

Uzbekistan was among the first CIS states in October 1992 to establish diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates. In November of the same year, the Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan began to operate in Dubai, and in 1994 its status was raised to the Consulate General.
The priority direction of the Consulate General is to ensure the interests and protect the legal rights of citizens of Uzbekistan arriving in the UAE. This area includes a wide range of tasks - confirmation, certification, legalization of various documents, notarial acts, registration of birth documents, etc. Another, no less important, direction of the Consulate General is to facilitate the establishment and development of bilateral cooperation between Uzbekistan and the UAE, not only at the state level, but also between representatives of medium and small businesses.
The Consul General of Uzbekistan in the UAE, Bakhtiyor Madayev, agreed to meet with our correspondent and answer questions that particularly concern our readers.

What documents do I need to prepare for a citizen of Uzbekistan who marries a foreigner in the UAE?
In this matter, much depends on the citizenship of the partner. Nevertheless, a certificate of celibacy or divorce, a certificate of health status and written consent for the marriage of the bride's parents are required to be duly legalized. At the same time, the local Sharia court prefers the consent of the bride’s relatives on the male side.

What is the process of registering a child born in the UAE if the parents are citizens of Uzbekistan? If the marriage was mixed?
If both parents of a child are citizens of Uzbekistan, then the child becomes a citizen of the republic, regardless of where he was born, whether in the country or abroad.
In case of mixed marriage, if one of the parents is a citizen of Uzbekistan, the child is also a citizen of the republic. If the child was born outside the republic from parents, only one of whom is a citizen of the country, the child’s citizenship is determined by written agreement of his parents.

If at the end of the validity of the exit visa of Uzbekistan, a UAE resident flies to another country with a business purpose, can he have problems with passing passport control in the UAE or in another country?
As for entering the UAE, then, in my opinion, there can be no problems. Emirates immigration services pay attention to the availability of their own entry visa to the country. The situation is different in a number of other states. If, for example, a citizen of Uzbekistan follows from the UAE to Russia, then he can be allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, taking into account the possible subsequent departure of this person to Uzbekistan. However, if this citizen returns to the UAE from the Russian Federation, then he may not be allowed to issue without an exit visa.

Is a citizen of Uzbekistan able to extend an exit (biennial) visa at the Uzbek embassy in Moscow?
If we are talking about a citizen of Uzbekistan located in the UAE, he does not have such an opportunity.

Do Uzbek citizens need a visa to enter Russia?
Not. The fact is that with a number of CIS countries, Uzbekistan has a bilateral agreement providing for a simplified, that is, visa-free, entry procedure.

What should a citizen of Uzbekistan with a three-year resident visa in the UAE do to renew (renew) an exit two-year visa at home to avoid unforeseen situations during entry and exit? What to do to change a passport?
In order to avoid unforeseen situations, citizens of Uzbekistan with a resident visa of the UAE, it is recommended first of all to contact the Consulate General and register with the consulate. This procedure, which consists in filling out the appropriate application form with a copy of the passport and resident visa attached to it, will allow the Consulate General to subsequently, if necessary, provide documents confirming the legality of your stay in the UAE.
Registration of an exit visa and replacement of a passport are carried out directly on the territory of Uzbekistan.
Without a hitch, through the Consulate General, only those citizens of the republic who have issued travel abroad for permanent residence can exchange passports.

What should citizens of Uzbekistan who are in the UAE on a tourist, resident or visit visa need to know so that there are no problems with the authorities?
First of all, be attentive to the documents. It never hurts to have a copy of your passport and entry visa with you.
We also recall that tourist and visit visas do not give the right to engage in labor activities in the UAE. An exception is cases when visit visas are issued for a period of a trial period, after which a resident visa is issued.

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