Sharjah to host first summer festival

The authorities of the Emirate of Sharjah will hold this summer the first festival for guests and residents.

Following the huge success of the Sharjah Summer Campaign last year, the Sharjah Emirate’s Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, UAE (SCTDA) officially announced the launch of the first Sharjah Summer Festival, which begins in July.

Organized by SCTDA in cooperation with government and private organizations, the festival will bring families together to participate in a series of recreational and cultural events aimed at developing local tourism and highlight the cultural and tourist attractions of the emirate. In addition, the festival will enhance the status of Sharjah as a center for family vacations.

Khalid Jasim Al-Midfa, SCTDA Chair, said: “We will focus on providing an unforgettable experience for all the tourists who will visit Sharjah this summer season. At SCTDA, we have carefully planned all the events to ensure that they are consistent with our goal of raising Sharjah’s status as a family-oriented center at the local, regional and international levels. "

Some events will take place indoors - shopping malls, Expo Center Sharjah, - others - in the fresh air - on beaches and the promenade. Festival shows include carnivals, theaters, discounts in stores, entertainment events, contests and a children's corner at Sharjah Expo.

The summer festival in Sharjah will begin on July 11 and will last until August.

Watch the video: SHARJAH SUMMER FESTIVAL first edition set to kick off in July (December 2019).