Almost half of UAE employees consider themselves “very successful”

Employees in the UAE called happiness and health the main components of success.

Dubai, UAE. Being happy and healthy is a prerequisite for achieving professional success, the majority of employees in the United Arab Emirates believe. Research data In it Together was published by the social network LinkedIn.

As noted in the report, 66% of employees define success as a state of happiness, another 63% as health, and 53% as maintaining a balance between life and work. At the same time, 44.9% said they consider themselves to be “very successful” in the UAE compared with achievements in the country of origin, another 35.9% of respondents called themselves “quite successful”.

60.9% of the working population at work have a best friend. By the way, friends at work help colleagues to gain inner self-confidence and reach new career heights. Also, more than half of the respondents consider that they have become more creative, having started working in an intercultural environment.

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