Dubai will hold an ultramarathon for 300 km

In December, Dubai will host an ultramarathon at a distance of 300 km.

Dubai, UAE. In December, Dubai will host the Al Marmoom Ultra-Marathon ultramarathon, in which runners will compete at a distance of 300 km. The prize pool of the competition will be US $ 100 thousand.

The races will be held for five days - from December 9 to 13 - in the protected area of ​​Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve in the desert of Dubai. As the organizers noted, this year the length of the route will increase by 30 km, and the race itself will become an example of the strength of the human spirit and courage.

In addition to competitions for professional athletes, the event will include marathons for endurance runners from the UAE - 110 and 50 km.

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