Alcohol consumption in the UAE: rules for expats and tourists!

Tourists and expatriates living in the UAE should familiarize themselves with the legislation related to the use of alcohol in the country.

In order to protect yourself from possible problems with the law, the following rules must be observed in the territory of the United Arab Emirates:

  • Do not drink alcohol in public: this is the first and most important thing to learn. Public drinking of alcohol on the streets is prohibited by law. You can drink alcohol only in restaurants and bars at hotels with an alcohol license.
  • Driving while intoxicated is a crime. Almost 15% of all accidents in Dubai are somehow related to alcohol consumption. In accordance with the Federal Law on Road Traffic of July 1, 2017, a driver caught intoxicated is fined up to 20 thousand dirhams, 23 penalty points and a car confiscation for 60 days. In addition, by decision of the court, the driver may receive a prison term, and the car may be confiscated for up to two years.
  • Drinking alcohol in the workplace is a serious problem that can cause harm to colleagues and colleagues. If the boss caught a subordinate while intoxicated, he has the right to dismiss him without prior notice.
  • Drinking alcohol without a license is punishable by a prison term of up to 6 months and / or a fine of 5000 dirhams (based on Federal Law on Alcohol No. 1972).
  • The maximum norm for the transportation of alcohol purchased in duty free shops (Duty Free) to the UAE is 4 liters of alcoholic beverages (alcohol-containing) or 2 packs of beer (no more than 24 cans of no more than 355 ml in each pack). Only passengers over 18 years old can buy alcohol.

An applicant may obtain an alcoholic license in the UAE if:

  • He is over 21 years old;
  • He has a valid UAE resident visa;
  • He is not a Muslim;
  • His official monthly salary exceeds 3 thousand UAE dirhams;

Application forms are available at African + Eastern and MMI stores and on their official websites.

The following documents must be attached to the completed form:

  • Copy of passport, residence visa and rental contract
  • A copy of the employment contract issued by the Ministry of Personnel and Emiratization in Arabic and English
  • Certificate confirming salary
  • Passport sample photos
  • 270 UAE Dirhams

The process of obtaining a license takes about two weeks. Its validity period is 1 year.

  • If the application is submitted on behalf of the company, the employer’s stamp and the applicant’s signature must be put on the application.
  • If the applicant works in the free economic zone, he must also get approval from its governing bodies. Company owners also need to attach a copy of the license.
  • If the license applicant is a family, either the husband or the wife can apply if there is permission from the husband. If the husband is Muslim, the wife must obtain written consent from him to obtain a license, after which she will be able to purchase alcohol on her own.
  • Single women may also qualify for an alcohol license.

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