Leisure & Tourism News

Dubai announces new grandiose projects for recreation and entertainment to attract an even greater number of tourists, and holds sporting events - to stay in great shape.

The longest cable car open in Dubai

In the area of ​​Dubai Marina, there is a cable ride (zip-line) linking the 99th floor of the Princess Tower building and the yacht club, located opposite the world's highest residential block. The length of the overhead crossing, arranged between the platform on the 99th floor of a residential Dubai skyscraper and the International Maritime Club, is more than 1 kilometer. Over 40 brave athletes during the week make jumping flights from dizzying heights without parachutes, striking residents of buildings, whose windows they sweep past, and onlookers crowding below. This spectacular event called Dream Jump is hosted by Skydive Dubai for experienced athletes. The length of all the ropes is 10 km, and the flight time is more than 10 seconds.

The Hunger Games theme park to appear in Dubai

One of the theme parks in Dubai will be stylized based on the films of the Hunger Games series. Lionsgate has confirmed that it has partnered with Dubai Parks & Resorts to create a theme park based on the Hunger Games series. The park will be part of Motionagate Dubai's cinematic park. Another film, Step Up, will be the basis of the dance show, which will be held at Motionagate Dubai.

Fortnum & Mason: First Anniversary

To celebrate its first year in Dubai, the famous British brand Fortnum & Mason has introduced a new menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner, demonstrating the brand's true love for quality products and a variety of delicacies. Here you will find famous classic dishes: special toasts with Welsh Rarebit cheese, soup with mushrooms and tarragon, as well as chicken liver parfait as snacks. Of the main dishes, attention is attracted to a rack of lamb, baked sea bass, fried beef fillet and many different side dishes. Breakfast is served from 9 am to noon, and you can have lunch and dinner watching the dance of the fountains from noon until late in the evening.

Butterfly Garden opened in Dubai

An insectarium dedicated exclusively to butterflies from all over the world opened in Dubai with an almost one-year delay. Nine domes arranged in a circle and connected by passages have a total area of ​​1800 square meters. meters and can simultaneously accept 300 visitors.

The Butterfly Garden is located within the Miracle Garden, but, unlike it, will not be seasonal. Under its domes, a temperature is maintained that is comfortable for insects and visitors. It contains butterflies from different places on the globe. The Insectarium has a triple purpose - entertaining, educational and scientific. The lifespan of butterflies is from 14 to 26 days, their reproduction will be monitored by the center’s specialists in the department located in Al Ain. The Butterfly Garden is open from 9am to 9pm on weekdays and from 9am to 11am on weekends. Ticket price - 30 dirhams (US $ 8.2).

A ski penguin is born at Ski Dubai

The first king penguin chick in the Middle East was released at Ski Dubai. Caring parents, Bubbles and Wall-I, hatched an egg in turn, and then also in turn fed the baby under the watchful supervision of ornithologists. The birth of offspring is a sure sign that penguins feel almost at home in the artificially cooled complex, confirming the success of the captive penguin program. The public learned about the birth of the chick only today, when it has grown and matured. During the first month of life, the chick scored 281 grams and weighed 2.8 kg. The chick will not participate in the Meet the Penguins program until he turns 1 year old. The sex of the chick is still unknown, and his DNA is being analyzed. Very soon, a competition will be announced for choosing a name for the baby.

Special offer from Ossiano

The new special offer from Ossiano Restaurant, located at Atlantis The Palm Hotel and known for its mesmerizing "underwater atmosphere", is afternoon tea. It offers pastries and traditional mouth-watering sweets of the British Isles, as well as a first-class assortment of teas. A distinctive feature of Ossiano is the refinement of its atmosphere: a cup of afternoon tea, drunk here, will be remembered for a long time. Among the menus, you can also taste first-class caviar with pancakes, cream-fresh and gherkins. Appetizers with king crab and avocado meat, mushrooms, asparagus and profiteroles with gruyere, lobster eclairs, smoked salmon, cream cheese, saffron pancakes and seaweed in a baguette will complement the meal.

The smallest ambulance in the world - already in Dubai

A miniature, but fully equipped ambulance entered the arsenal of the Dubai Rescue Service - it goes on calls to the desert. Sand dunes around Dubai are a favorite vacation spot for residents and guests of the UAE, and as a rule, this holiday is associated with a health risk; For those who are in trouble, lovers of risky rides on treacherous sands will be provided with the full volume of emergency assistance by the all-terrain ambulance crew, officially recognized as the smallest fully equipped ambulance in the world. The dimensions of her cabin are 6 x 6 feet (1.83 x 1.83 m), but nonetheless, standard stretchers, everything necessary for saving life, and two medical personnel are placed in it. The car was successfully tested in desert off-road conditions and proved to be highly walkable, reliable and stable on slopes up to 31 degrees.

Workout tournament held in Dubai

In Dubai, at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the qualifying stage of the World Cup on street workout (street fitness) was first held, the super final of which will be held in Moscow on December 9, 2015 with the support of Roskomsport. Athletes from England, the USA, Denmark, Chile, Russia, Iran, Kuwait and, of course, the UAE took part in the Dubai preliminary round (and there are only 22 scattered around the world, including in St. Petersburg and Almaty). The winner of the national category was the resident of Ras Al-Kheima Abdullah Al Kassimi, who will represent the Emirates at the super final in Moscow. The skill and strength of these young children is so impressive that the figures they made on the horizontal bars often seemed unrealistic and contrary to the basic laws of physics.

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