Real hospitality - can you teach him?

Text: Alla Astanina


It all began in Nizhnekamsk, a young and provocative city. It was there that little Albina was born. And although the townspeople are people of different nationalities, they live among themselves together and are always glad to welcome guests. Alya believes that this makes her city very similar to the United Arab Emirates, so she immediately felt at home here.

But when she entered the Nizhnekamsk Chemical-Technological Institute with a degree in Management and Business Administration in the Petrochemical Industry, she could not imagine how her fate would turn out.

Helping parents pay for tuition at the institute, the girl managed to work in various fields of business. And she made a very important decision for herself, tourism is something that she is very interested in, and what would she really want to do in life. From a friend who came home on vacation, Albina Tyukanova first heard about the UAE and fell in love with this beautiful country in absentia. Since then, I always tried to learn as much as possible about her: I read magazines, found information on the Internet. Deciding to test her strength, she drew up her first resume (good knowledge of English was useful) and sent it to a recruiting agency. Soon she was offered the administrator's seat at the Al Raha Beach Resort, Abu Dhabi, and without any hesitation, Alya went to work.

Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf near the center of Abu Dhabi, this unique five-star hotel, part of the local Danat Hotels & Resorts hotel chain. It was built for guests of the first president of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and still has the exclusive decoration of its huge rooms and magnificent carpets. Albina fell in love with this hotel at first sight, she liked literally everything: convenient location, elegant interior and a special atmosphere of tranquility and comfort reigning here. In the course of work, it turned out that she had very diverse responsibilities, so she learned something new and interesting every day.

True, after some time, our heroine decided to try herself in a different capacity and transferred to the Aldar construction company, but very soon she realized that she was not doing her job. And when one morning the phone rang and the telephone rang the question: “Does she miss the hotel and doesn’t want to return?”, Alia, without thinking for a minute, answered: “Yes!” Having entered the Al Raha Beach Resort, Abu Dhabi for the second time, she has already become an employee of the sales department, and since then she has never regretted her return. The hotel was not the second, but the first house for Albina, as her relatives joke.

A very important part of Albina's professional activity is marketing research of the tourism services market, for this she has to visit existing and potential clients every day. Due to her sociability and competence, she has established good partnerships with large oil and construction companies, leading tour operators, many of which conclude agreements to accommodate their guests in Al Raha Beach. With the introduction of many new hotels, the competition in this market segment intensified, but Albina Tyukanova is confident that her experience and knowledge will help her keep her key customers and find new ones.

No less attention is paid to the young manager and work with tourists. She herself checks whether everyone is well placed, whether everything suits them, and always feels happy if she can solve the problems that arise. Often she has to linger after the end of the working day and sometimes even go to work on weekends, but she does not worry at all about this, because if you love your job, then you surrender to it completely.

Despite the fact that she has been living abroad for a long time, Albina never forgets that she is a Russian woman, therefore she always tries to help her compatriots. Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons why the Russian Embassy has been choosing the Al Raha Beach Hotel for its festive events for the second year in a row. These are children's "embassy Christmas trees", and tea parties on March 8, and a reception in honor of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and the UAE. For her part, Alya makes every effort to ensure that the holidays are held at the proper level.

The familiar saying “Quantity always goes into quality” is about Albina Tyukanova’s career, because the amount of work she has done has moved into a new quality - she has recently been a sales manager, and this is undoubtedly not the last step in her career ladder. In turn, I want to congratulate her on this next achievement on behalf of all her friends from the Rossiyanka association, of which Albina is a member.

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